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Robin Hoods Bay

Maria and Peter bring to you their high quality prints carefully selected from their portfolio of images. Printed on Ilford 255g pearl paper and laminated
for maximum durability and protection. All prints can be purchased by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. See our price list for details.

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All the images on this site are for sale as fine art prints.

All prints are professionally printed to the highest standard using heavy weight premium Ilford 255 Pearl photo paper and then laminated for optimum print life, durability and protection.

If required prints can be bonded to light weight foam board and framed with an elegant black or silver slim aluminium frame which incorporate adjustable fixing points.

Thanks to the quality of the lamination no glass protection is required.

If the print size you require is not available, please email us for further details.

All prints are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

To order prints, please use our order form quoting our image reference number, description, size and finish of frame if required.

On receipt of your order we will email a pro forma invoice which can be paid by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer.

When the payment has been received the prints will then be dispatched.

price list:

90 cm x 50 cm (landscape or portrait) print only: ....................£148:00
90 cm x 50 cm (landscape or portrait) print+foamboard+frame: £193:00

110 cm x 46 cm (panorama) print only: .................................£152:00
110 cm x 46 cm (panorama) print+foamboard+frame: .............£197:00

50 cm x 50cm (square) print only: ........................................£139:00
50 cm x 50cm (square) print+foamboard+frame: ....................£179:00

70 cm x 70cm (square) print only: ........................................£148:00
70 cm x 70cm (square) print+foamboard+frame: ....................£193:00

The above prices exclude post and package.

To place an order, please use this order form.

Should you have any comments or queries, please use our contact form below.

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commission work

We also accept work on a commission basis.

If you don’t see the print you require in our gallery for your home, office, restaurant or commercial use, we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Please contact Maria or Peter by:
email: or telephone: 07535 732061

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Maria Cecile Paslawska

After gaining my M.A. in Law, I went into the world of photography following the necessity of… journalism some 6 years ago. Some of the reportages I did because of their subject could have been so much more improved just by providing my reader with a good illustration. The idea more than promoted by my then chief editor resulted in getting myself the very first camera, doing some studies on the art of photography and… just going out and exploring or in some cases just looking out of my window. Living in the heart of Paris, the lovely city was providing me with no shortage of subjects and photo opportunities. Gradually what was initially supposed to be just an addition to my writing started to develop into the passion itself. Whenever I could I used to go on daily escapades in the city or maybe a nearby town travelling through the countryside – just me and my camera, this gave me the fantastic feeling of joy as I was taking the pictures and also the results were getting more and more appreciated and published.
After moving to Ilkley I discovered the stunning beauty of Yorkshire which prompted me to diving even more intensively into the world of photography. This was followed by more studies on technique and equipment used, and thanks to my cooperation with Peter I also gained a greater insight into the photography art.
I love catching The One moment of something unique in the light, in the landscape, maybe a flower or the mood of  the subject. In my photography I try to embrace a sparkle of the happiness or the harmony or the humour or even the danger that is in the air.
Please, welcome to my collection of the beautiful things that surround us.



Peter Warren Clark

Of course the world of the cameras and pictures was always with me – as my father was a well established photographer with his own studio in nearby Keighley. My photographic career started at an early age helping my father who was an inspiration to me and gave me a good grounding in the techniques and art of photography. After leaving school my career took me in a different direction and it wasn’t until later in life that thankfully I rediscovered photography. Although my early years were spent with 35mm cameras and darkroom working on black and white prints it did not take long to fully embrace the digital age and I spend as much time at the computer keyboard as behind the camera. In my opinion the learning process never ends and I am always eager to discover new aspects of photography and learn new techniques.
I am fortunate enough to live in an area of great natural beauty both countryside and coastal, full of character, inspiration is never far away.
I met Maria several years ago when she moved to Yorkshire from Paris since then we have photographed many the stunning features of Yorkshire. Luckily the county is large and there are many more towns, characters and events to photograph. Maria has reciprocated and introduced me to ‘her’ Paris followed by many visits to her homeland Poland where we have worked extensively in travel photography.
My photography takes me from weddings through to commercial, sport, events and travel.
For me catching the right moment and lighting is the essence of my work and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than producing an image for our fine art photography which pleases the eye and provides great enjoyment for others



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A vilage scene
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